Employee Handbook

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This document is for all new employees.

Please update your LinkedIn profile, and add Cuesoft as your current employer.

Kindly refer to airtable, to complete the onboarding checklist

Endeavour to sign your offer letter before proceeding to the next step. If your offer letter is not counter-signed by someone in the Cuesoft team. Let the person who interviewed you know immediately.

If you don’t know who you report to, Ask someone you interviewed you immediately.

Microsoft Teams: Please make sure your username is and you have a good profile picture uploaded to Slack. This will ensure team members can recognize you and contact you easily. We use Teams as our primary mode of communication. It’s a good idea to have the Teams app downloaded and installed both on your Desktop and on your phone. Please also update your Teams Profile with Email, Phone Number. It’ll be easier for other team members to reach out. Our company Slack URL is cuesoftcloud.teams.com

-Kindly send in a good passport photograph to enable us issue you a company ID card.

A jira link would be sent to you, kindly complete the registeration process.

Sign up to Hubstaff. Select a FREE plan, create a new organization / project called ‘cuesoft’. Send your username and password (yes, we need your password here). Send the credentials to admin@cuesoft.io. We use Hubstaff to track time.

If you have any questions. Please contact your manager


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