Employee Handbook

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Apply for leaves You need to apply for a leave by filling the Leave Application Form on your Cuesoft Employee Dashboard. You should fill this form at least 2 working days in advance, except in emergency cases. Your HR would let you know if your leave is approved. Emergency: We understand this sometimes happens. Fill the form on the same day of the emergency. You can claim emergency leave twice / yr and we require evidence to consider it. If you claim emergency leave without evidence, a violation will be reported against you.

Medical Leave Inform the HR or client (if you have any) immediately. If you’re off for more than a day and are on a medical leave, then it is mandatory to submit Doctors Prescription / Hospital Records & Invoice. We usually let client know about your health and also send them this evidence.

Partial Leaves If you’re working part time any day then fill up a leave form. There’s now a way to mark a “partial leave”. Make sure you submit a partial leave at least 1 day in advance and have it approved. You can see the approval status on your dashboard. If you don’t do this then the bot which computes your salary will automatically register a violation and deducts your salary accordingly in this case. Make sure you also report to the client if you’re working with the client. If you submit the form on the same day. It’ll not be considered and will not be approved.

Maternity Leave: You can take a leave off upto 18 months. When want to be back, let us know and you’ll be offered the same exact role and compensation you were on before you left. Notes When you’re on leave update your Slack Status accordingly. This will help us not to call you when you’re away and it also helps everyone in the team know you’re sick or vacationing.

Office and Work Hours We don’t have a physical office. Ideally, we can fund a co-work near you if you want to work there, but most people chose to work from their home and save money and time commuting. We don’t really care when you work. All we want is to get work done. If you’re a night owl, working at night is okay. Most of us work during the day, so if you’re new to the team, you’ll run into issues quite often. We urge you to work during the day so you can talk to most of us when that happens.