Employee Handbook

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Working with Hubstaff

As most remote companies, we use hubstaff to track time and activity of our employees. This article contains all the “do not”, when working with hubstaff.

-Do not log idle time, if for any reason, you have idle time logged. Make sure to remove all the idle time before every Monday. If you don’t, the HR will be notified, and this would have a negative impact on your performance. A violation can be registered against you if you are found to guilty of constantly logging idle time. -Do not start the timer when you are not working. Only start the timer when you’re working and it should be stopped immediately you become idle or stop working. -Do not log manual time. Manual time can only be logged when you have been granted permission by the HR. If you fail to start your time when working, you can lay a complaint to the HR and provide evidence of work. Note, frequently doing this will not be tolerated, and a violation can be registered against you. -Do not disable screenshots when logging activity your activity. Any time logged with negligible activity and without screenshots will not be considered.If for any reason, your screenshots are not being captured and recorded, try one of the following troubleshooting techniques: -It is disabled. Go to your settings to enable it. -You are using an older version of the app. Endeavour to upgrade the app from the official site. -If any of this fails, try to seek help internally or contact Hubstaff Support for help.

Important things to Note.

As a company, we have been using hubstaff for 2 years. We are well aware of how the software works.

-Do not try to trick or cheat the system by downloading tools that simulate keyboard activities or mouse activities. We will discover any such activity in your account, and it will be treated as a theft of company funds. This is a very serious offence and you will be laid off immediately without pay or compensation.

-Do not log time when working on personal projects or non company projects. This is also considered as theft of company funds. You’ll be laid off with immediate effect without pay or compensation.

-Endeavour to log time during meetings, standups, when you’re reading documentation on any API integration, research work, etc. That’s work too!