Employee Handbook

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We want to improve the way you work here at Cuesoft every single day. We’re focused on making sure you’re more than satisfied by working with us. Feedback happens every 3 months - Jan, Apr, July, Oct of every year. It is compulsory for everyone in the company to give us feedback. Be 100% honest when you give us feedback. We do this for you. There are will not be any hard feelings. This feedback is public and is visible to everyone in the company. We want to make sure we’re as transparent as possible and this is one of the ways to make sure we are. Please fill up this form : To-Do If you don’t want to be public with your feedback - To-Do Meetings will be held after feedback has been given to discuss and see what can be improved upon. If you’re a Team Lead. Fill this form: To-Do.

If you’re not a Team Lead. Fill this form: To-DO. Fill this form for your manager: To-Do.