Employee Handbook

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Company Assets

We want to make sure you’re constantly productive and give you the greatest tools we can. if you require a device. We’ll get you one. At this time, we provide Windows and Mac computers. If you leave the company, you must return this laptop.

You will only be eligible for this offer, if you have worked with us for more than three months. Additionally, we upgrade RAM and other components like battery, display, etc. You must sign the same paper if you wish to request these components. We won’t purchase a new machine if a decent machine from a previous employee is available, and we will courier that to you instead. If the company device with you develops a fault, do not attempt to fix yourself. Kindly reachout to the appropriate authority, with a fault description and await further instructions. If you fail to return the equipment after you leave the company. We will see this as theft of company’s property, and we’ll file a report with the police.