Employee Handbook

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Your salary will be processed on the first day of each month. Please make sure you fill in the correct bank details during the onboarding process. If for some reason, your remuneration is delayed, kindly reach out to the Head of people/Admin.


The employer shall be entitled to withhold all Taxes payable in Nigeria from emoluments of the Employee and remit same to the relevant Governmental Authority, in accordance with Applicable Laws. For contractors, a withholding tax of 5% would be deducted from their remuneration and remitted to State Internal Revenue Service (SIRS), in compliance with the rules of State Internal Revenue Service (SIRS), in respect to the taxes paid by Independent contractors.


The employee is expected to open a pension account with any service provider of such within the first Two (2) months of joining the company or notify the HR department if he/ she is interested in company’s pension affiliate. A pension pin should be submitted to the Accounts department in both cases to ensure monthly remuneration.