Employee Handbook

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Anti-Harassment Policy


If you:

You’ll be relieved of your duties with immediate effect. We’ll also report you to the appropriate law enforcement if the issue is serious. Please send an email to admin@cuesoft.io if you’re the victim.


Everyone at Cuesoft has a major responsibility to prevent and make sure harassment of any kind does not occur in at work place. Working remotely as is obtained here results in the majority of our interactions being video calls, texts, and written communication such as email or shared documents. No matter what the method of communication, it is expected that everyone will contribute to an inclusive and collaborative working environment and respect each other at all times. Should you become subjected to or witness any form of harassment or behavior that violates this policy or our company values, please report the incident directly to Chief Operations Officer immediately for a thorough investigation.


This policy applies to all team members employed by any entity of Cuesoft, whether contractor or employee, in all locations. There are local labor laws in every country and in the case of the Nigeria, state laws, that must be followed when handling, reporting and investigating incidents of harassment. The local authority will be called upon to ensure compliance and the appropriate legal processes and procedures are followed.

All individual contributors, managers, and leaders will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for any act of harassment they commit.

Types/Modes of Harassment…..